The House That Love Built

This isn’t particularly new news but we wanted to post it anyway. We have an office! After searching high and low, we finally found a place that we can call home. The lucky city is downtown Royal Oak, MI.

If you live in the Detroit Metro Area of Michigan, you know that Royal Oak is one of the premier art centers of the area. Filled with some of the best shops, restaurants and bars, Royal Oak turned out to be the perfect fit for a group of budding entrepreneurs.

So, what is so special about this place? Well, glad you asked. We chose the historical Washington Building on the corner of 4th and S. Washington. It’s beautiful in here. As the summer rolls around, I’ll get some more pics of the building to share with you.

We’re above Goodnight Gracie’s and D’Amato’s Italian Restaurant…and no, we can’t smell the food. :) We’re also attached to the Royal Oak Music Theater and our offices are right above where they unpack concert equipment. It’s kinda cool seeing the tour buses outside our windows.

We always wanted to have a place where we could work in comfort, the way we want to. Isn’t that the mantra of the entrepreneur? The difference between having a comfortable work environment and a strict, rigid one is that people actually focus on work, and not all the restrictions that are handed down to them. Been there, done that. Time to move on.

Having a nice comfy office also makes us want to stay longer to get the job done.

We’ve all seen the Google offices with the snack bars, dogs, foosball tables…we get it, it’s cool. But there is a fine line. We try to keep ourĀ amenitiesĀ simple. Just having a chair to sit in and a cup of coffee is great with me.

We did manage to get a great video/sound system. Playing “Itunes DJ” is a fun game. Since we’re all in the same room, someone comes up with a category like songs with the word “space” or favorite make-out song. Everyone has to scan through their libraries to find a song and at the end we vote on the winner. The winner gets to choose the next category. I’ll probably write another post on this office game in the near future.

We’ll have more pics up soon as we figure out new ways to amuse you.

Keep Loving,