How an insurance commercial made me weep.

Like most things in life, patience is a key ingredient in nurturing and growing. Happiness included. I was recently shown this video by one of my friends and it has a profound effect on me. So many times we go through life just skipping the opportunities to do good…especially when we don’t get instant gratification. read more »

Heart Bleed Safe.

No doubt you’ve been hearing in the media about “Heart bleed” on the web. Heart bleed is a vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software that is used by a large majority of websites to secure transactions over the internet. This technology is typically used during the checkout process in an online shopping experience. We’re read more »

LoveBook Online goes Mobile!

Cell phones are the new normal. Everyone has them. Everyone uses them to surf the web and shop for amazing gift ideas. With the growth of mobile users, the team at wanted create a special experience for anyone looking for that special gift. In the past, creating a customized product such as a LoveBook read more »

If Cats used Instagram

One of our graphic designers, Robyn Smith, had one of her usual odd thoughts- What if cats used Instagram? So many people post pictures of their pets, but now the tables have turned. We decided to share! Enjoy!

Introducing! Custom Love Coupons for Couples.

So, everyone here at LoveBook is very excited to announce the newest product in the LoveBook series of gifts that bring people closer together. We’re calling it LoveCoups! What are LoveCoups? It’s a simple idea with a whole lot of meaning behind it. We’ve been doing custom love coupons for a long time with LoveBook read more »

I Love You: The Activity Book Meant to be Shared – Vol. 2

It’s a rainy afternoon. You and your significant other are sitting there watching TV. You pull out a little book with the text: “I Love You” on the cover. You begin looking through the book and start reading. As you turn the pages and follow the instructions, laughter ensues. Pretty soon, it starts getting competitive. read more »

Try Something New: Family Edition Now Available!

The team at LoveBook is proud to announce a new title in the LoveBook catalog of books meant to bring people closer together. The new book is called Try Something New: For Families. TSNFF is a great way to bring the family together and experience new things. The book contains 100 different ideas: some simple, read more »

New Cover Editor!

The team here at has been diligently working on our new cover editor. This was probably one of the more requested new features. Here is what is new: Multiple font selections No character limits (as long as it fits on the page) Multiple lines 5 complimentary colors to choose from   Feel free to try it out read more »

Is He Into You? A Guys Perspective.

I’ve seen this question come up quite a few times on forums and blogs: “How do I know if he loves me?” I’m going to approach this subject from a guy’s perspective. As a guy, I have always felt that love and lust are linear. We tend to start with one and if everything goes read more »

Need Some Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas?

Considering most of the stores and restaurants nearby have turned into big boxes of pink and red, I’d say Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Need some great V-Day date ideas? Whether you’re the artsy type or a romantic at heart, these ideas can be done by anyone! In a relationship? Spend quality time read more »

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